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Transform your IPO and Private Placement experience with BLOOM

The easy-to-use platform that simplifies the process… Experience secure and efficient digital submissions with BLOOM


With BLOOM, you can easily apply for IPOs and Private Placement offers online – anywhere, anytime, from the comfort of your device.


How BLOOM Works


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What is BLOOM?

BLOOM is JN Fund Managers’ online platform that facilitates the electronic submission of application forms for Initial Public Offers (IPO), Additional Public Offers (APO) or Rights Issues.

How do I access BLOOM?

Simply go to and register for an account.

What is required to register for a BLOOM account?

To register for an account, you will need your active email address.

What technology requirements do I need to access BLOOM?

You can access BLOOM using all web browsers except Internet Explorer.

Do I have to be a JN Fund Managers client to use BLOOM?

No. You do not have to be a JN Fund Managers’ client to use BLOOM and make applications for public offers.

When applying using BLOOM, can I use a JCSD account that I maintain with another broker?

Yes, you can use any JCSD account regardless of the associated broker. Please ensure that you select the appropriate broker associated with the respective # used and that the account is active.

If I do not presently have a JCSD account, can I apply using BLOOM?

If you do not have a JCSD account, please contact us to find out how to obtain one, via email at or by phone at 876-929-7102.

Does using BLOOM automatically enroll me as a JN Funds Managers Client?

Using BLOOM only allows you to participate in IPOs and Private Placement offers. If you are interested in opening an account with JN Fund Managers, please contact any one of our Financial Advisors, via email at or by phone at 876-929-7102.

Is there a fee associated with using BLOOM?

There is no fee for accessing or using BLOOM.

Are all parties on a joint account required to sign the application?

Yes, for the application to be successfully submitted, all account holders are required to sign the application, except for minors.

How do I sign the electronic application form?

There are two options for signing:

  1. Electronically –
  2. By downloading the JNFM BLOOM Signature App from the Google Play Store (Android), or The App Store (Apple). (IPO)
  3. By downloading, e-signing, and uploading the application form back to the site. (IPO)
  4. Physically – simply download, print, sign, and upload the application form back to the site. (IPO & Private Placement)

How do I make payment when submitting an application using BLOOM?

There are several payment options available:

  1. Real Time Gross Payment (RTGS) transfer
  2. JMD Manager’s cheque or USD Draft (for USD public offers)
  3. JN Fund Managers Transfer
  4. Broker/Selling agent
  5. Wire transfer

Please ensure that you update BLOOM with the reference number for your chosen payment method using the instructions provided.

How will I know if my application was successfully submitted?

Once your application is successfully submitted, a notification will automatically be sent to your email address. The status of your application will also be displayed on your BLOOM dashboard.

What is the dashboard?

The dashboard is the first page that you will see once you log in to BLOOM.

If I have completed an application using BLOOM, is a printed application required?

For IPOs, once you have completed an application on BLOOM, you will not be required to complete a physical form. You may however need to contact your broker dependent on the payment method selected and forward a copy of the email notification received.

For Private Placement offers, you will be required to submit your printed application at any JN Fund Managers location.

What information do I need to successfully apply through BLOOM?

To successfully apply, the following information is required:
1. Your Tax Registration Number (TRN)
2. The active JCSD account number you wish to use for the transaction
3. Your valid government issued photo ID
4. All relevant signatures
5. Information regarding your payment method
6. Dividend mandate instructions
7. Refund instructions

Can I cancel an application after I have submitted it via BLOOM?

An application cannot be cancelled once it has been successfully submitted using BLOOM. You are only able to delete same prior to completion (draft state). To discontinue the submission of your application, please contact your JN Fund Managers Advisor.

What should I do if I am unable to complete my application due to an error message indicating “Incorrect TRN Value” or “Incorrect JCSD Number” and I am positive that the correct # has been entered?

Please contact your respective broker for confirmation of the actual value that was entered in JCSD’s system for the account being used in the application. Should they confirm same to be correct, please contact JN Fund Managers, who will work with your broker and the Jamaica Stock Exchange to have the matter resolved.